Today, there is a real need to put an end to poverty.  Extensive progress has been made so far, but there are still social problems to address, child hunger, disease, teenagers at risk from addiction, poor education, high unemployment, and families in need of support.

WHO WE ARE , Nafas Foundation sprung from the belief that Non-Governmental Organizations and charitable institutions can effect real change in our developing nation.

NAFAS was founded in 2017 as a private non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization. Since that time, 162 families have benefited from direct NAFAS assistance. During the fiscal year 2019, NAFAS supported more than 25 programs.

This is exactly the kind of vital work that Global Communities does every day across the globe. Investing on people at the local level, in partnership with civil society, and the private sector to help bring about peace, prosperity, and stability .

NAFAS creates an environment where children are educated and nurtured, families have adequate food, shelter, clothing, and health care, natural resources are protected, women are empowered, people are healthy and live peaceably. For people to be healthy, they must have nutritious food. For women to be empowered, they must be educated. Recognizing this connectednes, and integrating our development programs accordingly, is NAFAS strength.

In this report, you can read about the many ways NAFAS is engaging to invest in people and give them the tools they need to form stable, peaceful, and prosperous. These are the kinds of investments that do not just make economic sense; they are also helping countless people across the city improve their quality of life.

We have implemented some highly successful, innovative programs. In the following lines you will read about the important work NAFAS is doing in Tehran, Iran. We hope these lines will inspire you to join us in our mission in being Partners for Good.

A total of 162 families were covered by the charity. (Average family of 4 people)

A project called “Heavenly Bread” was launched with the aim of distributing free bread to poor families. The scheme provided families with cards that could be delivered to bakeries for free bread. Free bread is now available in 3 bakeries.

Payment of residential rent for covered families.

80 bags and stationery were purchased for elementary and secondary children.

120 packs of food were prepared and delivered to charitable families. (Such as Rice, Oil, Pasta, Sugar, Beans, Tea, ….).

Distribution of 100 packs of food in deprived areas around the city.

Providing school uniforms and clothing.

Payment of cash assistance

It is worth noting that the documents of all charitable activities is available. You can find the report of each activity in NGO NAFAS Instagram.


Tel Number ( Whats App) : +98 9123077058


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